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Waterproof Deck Bag

Brand: Seak

The Seak Waterproof Deck Bag is a handy item for any kayaking or boating trip. Waterproof bag with a sealable hatch. A must on your next kayak/ boating adventure.

Zephyr II Hike Tent 2013 Model

Brand: Denali

…you might just think you've forgotten your tent! The Zephyr II Hike tent is so lightweight at 2.2 kg that it makes it ideal for hiking, cycling, kayaking trips or even just heading away with your partner for a romantic getaway. It comfortably sleeps two. It has all the esssential of a great 2-season…

Travel Dry Phone Pouch

Brand: GO Travel

Whether you're on a trip to a California beach or snowshoeing in Scandinavia, you can keep your mobile phone dry and close to you with the Travel Dry Phone Pouch from Design Go. It's clear and compact so you can still stay in touch with the outside world, and comes with a handy strap that you can…

Waterproof Kayak Gear Bag

Brand: Seak

On a fishing trip, kayaking or a crazy 4wd mud adventure, the Seak Kayak Gear Bag is perfect for keeping your booty safe and dry and close at hand. Just clip it around your waist and head on into the action. This comes with front pocket for extra storage.

Watertight Bags 20 L

Brand: Seak

Never ever worry for carrying sensitive items when you do the extreme sports such as kayaking skiing and snowboarding with this water tight bags Heavy-duty water proof material keep you valuables dry

20 L Trash Sack

Brand: Sea to Summit

…ecologically sensitive areas. Designed with a unique roll top closure that accepts a disposable garbage bag liner, the Trash Dry Sack is used as a soft garbage container in the field, in a boat or in your car. In the backcountry, put all your waste inside and roll the top down to prevent any leakage…

Kayak Deck Bag

Brand: Seak

A deck bag to put all your little items in, instead of in the pockets of your PFD. There is 2 side mesh pockets and extra storage on top of bag for those items that don't matter if they get wet. Conveniently attaches to the top of your deck while kayaking. When on dry land the shoulder strap can by…

Heavy Duty Mesh Bag

Brand: Seak

Super strong canvas bag with heavy duty rubber mesh .Ideal for carrying bulky wet gear such as flippers ,snorkels, dive boots ,dive masks etc.

Waterproof 55L Duffle Bag

Brand: Seak

An essential product for all Kayakers. Keep all your possessions dry and safe when out on the water with our 55L Waterproof duffle bag.

Watertight Bag 6 L

Brand: Seak

The 6L Watertight Bag's the perfect size to carry smaller valuables while cutting through the cool clear water on your kayak. These heavy-duty bags with front window panel are ideal for keeping your gear safe and dry. The compression valve gives the option of squeezing out excess air to reduce bulk.…

Watertight Bag 12 L

Brand: Seak

The waterproof solution to keeping your quarry safe. Rugged, comfy and submersible, these heavy-duty bags are perfect for keeping your gear dry. The compression valve means you can squeeze out excess air before sealing completely to save on space. Water enthusiasts rejoice.

Watertight Bag 30 L

Brand: Seak

The Seak waterproof bags are perfect for camping, diving, boating and swimming - just about every outdoor activity. These heavy-duty bags keep your gear dry and have a nifty transparent window so you can suss out what going on in there. An integrated compression valve lets you squeeze out excess air…

Waterproof 30L Backpack

Brand: Seak

An essential product for all Kayakers. Keep all your possessions dry and safe when on the water with our 30L Waterproof backpack.

240 Volt Electric Air Pump

Brand: Spinifex

The Spinifex 240 Volt Electric Air Pump is an essential item when wanting to inflate your air mattress, boat or any other inflatable item. Plug it in, charge it up and away you go. Handy for any number of situations.

Soft Roof Racks

Brand: Seak

…stop you from riding the waves. Seak Soft Roof Racks are easily stowed in small places like the boot of your car, ready to carry everything from kayaks, surfboards and skis through to furniture. The soft neoprene fabric under the padding ensures your jalopy won't get scratched.

Waterproof 36L High Vis Backpack

Brand: Seak

An essential product for all Kayakers. Keep all your possessions dry and safe while out on the water with our 36L High Vis backpack.

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