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Paddle Board

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Epoxy 11 Ft Paddle Board

Brand: Seak

This Stand Up paddle board is ideal for calm water or surf. With great flotation and stability it is ideal for the beginner to intermediate paddlers.To help protection your board please read the following care and maintenance instructions.Be safe around water! Click here to read the safety guidelines…

Colossus 3 Person Inflatable Boat

Brand: Sevylor

Row with added support when you explore the water in a 3-person Sevylor Super Caravelle Boat. The inflatable boat is rated for three people—up to 600 total lbs. (272.15 kg)— and includes an all-around grabline for easy handling. Integrated oar locks also make rowing easier. Inside, the…

Tie Down 2 Pack 3.5m

Brand: Sea to Summit

The new vividly coloured tie downs with silicone cam cover protection are a great way to secure all types of recreational equipment to roof racks or trailers. The polyester UV stabilised webbing is stronger and longer lasting than PP webbing. Sold as pairs.

Swift Kayak

Brand: Seak

Whether you're dipping your paddle in a lake, a river or the big blue beyond, you'll be stoked to sit in this smooth-riding kayak. Ideal for beginners to intermediate paddlers, it has super stability plus ample rear storage for carrying your gear. It's just the right size too, and not too heavy for…

Double Kayak

Brand: Seak

The Seak Swift Double is perfect for cruising the bays, rivers and lakes. Stable and with a good load capacity, it is the perfect choice to get out on the water.Be safe around water! Click here to read the safety guidelines.

Carve Kayak

Brand: Seak

The Seak Carve Kayak is the ideal recreational kayak for anything from paddling in the rivers and dams, to catching some waves. It's lightweight design makes it easy to load on and off your car and into the water for your next adventure.Be safe around water! Click here to read the safety guidelines…

Fisherman 12 Kayak

Brand: SeaBird Designs

Seabird fisherman- 12 is a highly versatile kayak for fishing including casting, photography, hunting, driving and other activities that may benefit from very stable catamaran hull.Be safe around water! Click here to read the safety guidelines.

Colossus 2 Person Inflatable Boat

Brand: Sevylor

Pack the fun of a boat without taking up all that room in storage and transport when you explore the water in a Sevylor Colossus Boat with Oars. This two-person inflatable watercraft deflates and folds up easily—giving you more room for extra gear in any car or truck. The set includes two…

Cruise Sit in Kayak

Brand: Seak

Looking to Cruise the rivers lakes and bays? The Seak Cruise is the boat for you. Plenty of room in the cockpit and storage space in the rear storage hatch. Great for day trips to explore the waterways.Be safe around water! Click here to read the safety guidelines.

Tequila Kayak Mid Section Extension

Brand: Point 65

Go solo, go tandem, go triple - go bananas! Snap in the mid-section and your Solo transforms into a high-performance Tandem. Add another mid-section and it's a triple. Never before has a kayak been so much fun and so easy to own. Keep adding mid-sections and create the perfect teambuilding tool for…

Prowler Ultra 4.1 Kayak

Brand: Ocean Kayak

…has excellent hull speed and great stability coupled with superb manoeuvrability for optimsing angling opportuntities. Paddle it as a fishing kayak or enjoy it as an easy to paddle touring kayak.Be safe around water! Click here to read the safety guidelines.

Discovery Kayak

Brand: SeaBird Designs

The Seabird Discovery is responsive and stable; plus it features a distinctly-shaped hull great for bridging a wide choice of day trips. This mini sea kayak is exactly what you need for exploring open, choppy waters on the sea, the lull of lazy rivers and wild beauty of lakes.Be safe around water!…

Tetra 10 Angler Kayak

Brand: Ocean Kayak

The Tetra 10 Angler is lightweight, small and compact making it perfect for the small to medium build paddler. It is ideal for estuary, lake and river fishing.Be safe around water! Click here to read the safety guidelines.

Small Kayak Trolley

Brand: Sea to Summit

Constructed using oversized anodised aluminium alloy tubing for strength and pneumatic wheels for a smooth ride, these collapsible carts can withstand the roughest terrain.


Brand: Aquaracks

AquaRacks offer the simplest, strongest and most versatile storage system on the market today. Designed by paddlers to accommodate almost any type of paddling craft, AquaRacks provide a safe, convenient solution for storage

Paddle Leash

Brand: Seak

If you happen to be paddling alone and you don't have a spare paddle, you will be in deep trouble. Your paddle leash protects you from this dangerous situation

Showing 1 - 16 of 23 Items

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